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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Creating with the Stars 2013

 CWTS was such an amazing experience...HUGE thanks to the dynamic duo of Monica & Jess at East Coast Creative for hosting such an amazing design competition and to my AWESOME partner Sherry from Young House Love, you rock.  I was excited just to be selected as a contestant, and never dreamed I'd make it to the final round...and hey, I'll totally take 2nd place :) Below is a recap of my CWTS adventure...
Contest Entry Project: Bedroom Reading Corner
Round 4-HOME DECOR: Guest Bedroom Makeover

be our guest...guest bedroom makeover

For my final CWTS project, I chose to makeover our guest bedroom. I envisioned a guest room that was full of personality...fun pops of color and an interesting mix of textures and objects that feels comfortable, unique and welcoming to our guests.

What do you make with an old fireplace mantel and a shower curtain? 
Create a headboard of course! 
As you can see from the before picture below, we did not have a headboard in this room. I searched Pinterest looking for "cool DIY headboard ideas" and had basically settled on making a fabric-covered headboard. On a whim, I popped into a local antique/furniture resale shop to look for a side table...but ended up leaving with this beautiful old fireplace mantel. It caught my attention immediately; I loved the gorgeous detail in the border of the dark wood, in addition to the design of the shelf with the mirror and paneling. To complete the transformation to a headboard, I closed in the fireplace opening with plywood. Next, I covered another piece of plywood (cut to the size of the fireplace opening) with thick foam and batting. Then I upholstered it with the blue and green ikat fabric---A.K.A a shower curtain from Target!

Here is a picture tutorial for creating the headboard:

I have been wanting to begin the process of adding bead board and chair rail to the bedrooms in our home. Now seemed like the perfect time to start! I will admit though...the process took way longer than I had planned in my head...but the finishing result was well worth it!  I bought our supplies at Home Depot. They sell kits and precut pieces of bead board and chair rail that definitely help speed the process. My biggest mistake was assuming that the walls and floors in our room were all level, so this posed a challenge in some places...but nothing some caulk and paint couldn't fix!

A few years ago I painted an old bedside table green. (I like to think just maybe I was a few years ahead of the emerald green craze ;) It felt like a really fun pop of color to add into our new guest room and worked well with the headboard fabric. For balance, I purchased a white round side table at HomeGoods, and painted it with the same green paint I had from a few years back.

In selecting bedding, I chose to go with a crisp white duvet cover, so as not to overshadow the headboard fabric and pillows. Picking out pillows was super-fun and HomeGoods never lets me down when I am in need of a "new pillow fix." I fell in love with the vintage camera pillow (also from Home Goods) and felt it added an interesting and unique element to the room. The blue lamps added another great pop of color and I was excited to find those at Homegoods as well.

As for the rest of the decor and accessories...my goal was to incorporate interesting objects with a mix of coordinating colors and textures into the room...the collage below shows all the details that I hope will make our overnight guests feel cozy, comfortable and inspired.

Homegoods was the perfect sponsor for the home decor round. HomeGoods is one of those stores where you may go in with the intention "just to browse"...but never leave without something "you just had to have!"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

CWTS Project 3: PAINT

Our basement is better known as "the kid cave." When we arranged it, we set it up in "stations"--kitchen area, dress-up area, puppet theater, arts & craft studio and a "schoolroom"for my future teacher. I love the way chalkboard paint looks and although it is not a new concept, I have always wanted to use it in our basement. The wall I chose for this project is approximately 21 feet long and I thought it would be neat to create an interactive chalkboard wall.
First, I painted the wall using Rustoleum Black Chalkboard Paint. While it recommends two coats of paint, I went ahead and gave it three coats, as the wall seemed to really soak in the first coat. In designing the chalkboard wall, I knew I wanted lots of space for the kids to draw and create, but I also wanted to put some things that would be permanent, instead of just having a 21 foot chalkboard. I decided to include a map of the U.S.A...I love the way it looks and will be fun to track the different states we go to as a family. I printed a map of the U.S. onto an overhead transparency and used an overhead projector to trace the map onto the wall. I used a permanent white paint sharpie market to trace the map.

I also wanted to have some fun and whimsical frames on the wall as well. So using the same method as the U.S.A. map, I chose the following "hanging doodle frames" from PrintCandee.com:

Next, I designed a large interactive tic-tac-toe board. Similar to the map and frames, I traced the board onto the wall. Here is the board I used...you can download the template here.
I bought five "X's" and five "O's" from the craft store...you may have to go to a few craft stores--they have plenty of "O's" but don't stock many "X's"! Also at the craft store, I bought self-adhesive magnet strips. At Home Depot, I bought nine two-inch washers. After painting the "X's" and "O's", I super-glued the washers onto the letters, and fastened the magnet strips onto the wall. 
For the title of the game and the map, I create stencils on my cameo. Here is a great tip for stenciling... once you get the stencil arranged onto the wall (or wood, object, etc.), before stenciling with the color(s) you want the word/objects to be...first paint a light coat of the background color...in this case I used the black chalkboard paint. This creates a seal with the stencil and I have found that it prevents bleeding of the paint--making your stencil look very crisp.

(I forgot to take picture of painting on the red and blue! sorry!)
Speaking of paint...it was a blast picking out all the fun paint colors at Home Depot! Because I was using so many colors and didn't need a gallon of each color...Home Depot made my day when they told me that they can mix any color in a small, 7.5 oz jar...perfect!!

I picked the step-stools up at IKEA and painted them in fun colors...
Not only are they great for setting the game pieces and chalk on, but they are extremely sturdy stools and perfect for giving little kids a boost for drawing and playing on the wall.

I have always adored these giraffe and elephant hooks from Anthropologie...and I love the way they add a fun (and helpful!) detail to the chalkboard wall:

Finally I hung added some framed artwork courtesy of the kids...they were so excited to help with this project!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Playroom Chalkboard Wall

Head on over to East Coast Creative to read the tutorial for creating your own playroom chalkboard wall! I am hard at work on my final project for the CWTS competition!

This contest has been an amazing experience and I want to give a big shout out to the dynamic duo Monica and Jess at East Coast Creative to thank them for hosting such an awesome contest!

Another huge thank you goes out to my wonderful blog-star partner Sherry from Young House Love...her advice and support has been above and beyond incredible!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Young House Love Book GIVEAWAY!

I feel like such a lucky girl getting paired up with Sherry from Young House Love for the Creating With the Stars competition sponsored by East Coast Creative. She and her hubby John (Clara & Burger too!) are an amazing family and so inspirational to DIY-ers! 
I LOVE my copy of their best-selling book: 
Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show your Home Some Love.
I love this book SO much that I am sponsoring a YHL book giveaway...
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